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iTerm and Oh My Zsh

Like every unix based developer, I need a terminal. I know, there is a terminal interface on mac by default but I haven’t liked it. My choice is iTerm. Yes I know, there are lots of disagreement choosing an app about a specific issue and you have lots of questions about iTerm or the others but one of them is the most important question. :) Why do I use iTerm? I don’t answer this question directly but I found some stackoverflow answers for you. By the way, I love splitting view and password manager feature. On the other hand, after installing iTerm, you should change some default preferences for working effectively. For example, one of them, you can’t move word by word by default while using iTerm default configuration. You should add some shortcut for this.

Some of us know that there are some types of shell and they have their configuration. You can find lots of article about about them. For example:

These tools and configurations will help you if you are lazy like me :) and you always create some functions, shortcuts, etc. I read them before and I decided to use Zsh. You can easily install. Besides, Zsh has plugin support to make yourself more effective.

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